Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Blog Train

Hey everyone and welcome to your next stop aboard the WM [squared] Designs Birthday Blog Train. Choo-Choooooo!! Hopefully you made it over here from Erica’s blog, but you can always refer back to Wendy’s blog if you get a little derailed at any point. As you know, we are celebrating Wendy’s birthday by giving away lots of fabu templates all created by the boss lady herself, Wendy, and the WM [squared] CT. But…before we get to the goodies, we wanted to have a little fun and tell you all about our own most memorable birthday.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I really miss being a kid! Everything was so much more simple and exciting back then, ya know? I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise then that my most memorable birthday was waaaay back in the day when I turned nine years old.

For my birthday that year, I achieved a certain rite of passage in every young girl’s life—my very first slumber party! Whoo-Hoo! I can remember just being overcome with excitement as I waited for all my little friends to arrive. And there were a ton of them! Looking back, I have no idea how I convinced my mom to let me have so many friends over at one time!

One of the best parts of that birthday was my awesome radio cake. That’s right; it was a cake in the shape of a radio with lavender and pink frosting. How awesome is that?! Now remember, this was back in the days before shows like Ace of Cakes and Food Network, so that little cake was a huuuge deal to my 9-year-old self! Now, believe me when I tell you I searched high and low for a photo of my supa-fly cake but had no luck. :( I guess all those pics are still at my mom’s. BUT…I didn’t want you to be totally disappointed, so here’s a shot of my very first birthday ever. Wasn’t I a cutie?!

Thanks for letting me share my birthday memory with you. That was fun! :) Now…onto what you came here for—the freebie! I created this fun little template for you. Hope ya enjoy, and please if you download any of the templates on today’s blog train, be sure and leave us a little comment. Everyone loves to be appreciated, right? ;) Don’t forget to grab this template right away because the links will only be active for one week!



Next, you’ll be heading to Rach’s blog for even more goodness. I hope you have a fantastic day. Happy Scrapping!